🔥The Wakeboarder’s Memo Book: Important Things I Learned Last Month – Vol 2 📈

I hope Q1 is going on well for you. 🤞 It’s been almost a month since my first post in this series, and it’s time for a new one.

⚠️Disclaimer: The things you will read below are based on my personal experience and when building hunting e-commerce brand and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool for Pinterest.

Don’t miss the step-by-step method for retailers outreach!

OK, let’s kick this off! 🦵


Instagram Organic Traffic

Last month I started building an Instagram profile in my niche – hunting. Using a few different tools and 20 minutes per day, I managed to build a profile with:

  • 8,699 highly engaged followers
  • 2200+ average views per new IG Story
  • engagement rate above 20%

Here are the most important things that helped me achieve this.

Instagram for Desktop

It’s much faster to manage an IG profile on the desktop. There is a great Google Chrome extension: Desktop for Instagram. I like the Download feature.

Flume App

I’m using Flume App to handle direct messaging posting and researching.

IG Audit

There is one great tool simple called IG Audit.

Enter the IG username and the tool will calculate, based on the engagement, estimated real followers rate.

Video Resize

I’m really bad with video editing. With the KAPWING tool you can resize videos for free with just a few clicks.


Instagram Story – Research

I’m using IG Story for research purposes. Here is one example: I asked my followers what’s their favorite hunting-news portal so I can get an idea where to buy ads.

Instagram Lead-Gen

Another thing is organic lead-gen on Instagram. This is not live yet, but it will be soon and I believe I can get many quality leads out of it. The lander works in a way that I write answers from the lander into the database, so I basically get a segmented email list. A need to implement viral/referral component and launch it.

Instagram Tool of The Month

Helper Tools for Instagram

This is by far the most useful tool for IG that I’ve found.

There are many features, but the one I found most valuable is that you can create a list of yours or someone’s else followers/following people.

🚨Be aware: The tool is extremely slow, but it does do the work!

Instagram Tip of The Month – Story shoutouts are powerful

Testing many different options I found out that IG Story shoutouts with relevant profiles are working the best to gain new followers. Here is the text that I’m sending:


Let us know if you are interested in an Instagram shoutout. That way, we can both get more followers for free!

If you are, follow the steps below.

1. Save the video you can find below
2. Open Instagram Story
3. Swipe up and select the video
4. Tag us (@XXXX) under the arrow
5. Publish

That’s it! And of course, send us one of your favorite photos and we will do the same.

The main reason I’ve put so much effort into Instagram lately is that I believe in micro-influencers. My VA is building a relationship with them and now, in all markets that are relevant for us, we have a group of micro-influencers that will sooner or later start promoting our brand. More tips on this topic soon.

Google RLSA

For Adwords guys, this is definitely nothing new, but I found that remarketing lists for search ads (RSLA) are working really great and I should do this immediately after I open a new market.


I’ve added advertorials into our marketing mix. Rotating the teaser photo to improve the lifetime of the advertorial. Also, when you find the right media partner and angle the CR will be through the roof.

Other e-commerce related stuff

Call Center Services

After a few years working as a telephone agent and selling as-seen-on-TV products, I’m aware of the power of the call center.

There are two services that I recommend:


They’re easy to set up, and both have integration with Shopify and many others.

💡TIP: If you want an Italian phone number, I recommend going with Dixa because they will give you an Italian phone number based on the utility bill. With AirCall you need to have an Italian company or passport.

Facebook Blog

The agency I’m working with partnered up with another performance agency and they are producing really high-quality Facebook content on their blog.

How To Optimize and Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns

Lloyd Melnick Blog

Lloyd is a well-known guy in the mobile app industry. His blog posts are truly valuable. I especially like his blog posts about analytics.

You can read them here.

Shopify and Europe

If you’re planning to scale your e-commerce business in Europe, please do yourself a favor and don’t use Shopify. Shopify is an amazing platform but only if you operate only in one language. Here is why:

  • You cannot have different payment methods for different countries in one installation.
  • Translation apps like WeGlot are available but can’t translate everything.
  • If you want proper localization, you need a new Shopify instance for each GEO.
  • Expensive and time-consuming

Retailers Outreach

I would like to onboard more offline retailers to sell our products. Margins are lower, but stickiness and LTV are different than with the B2C segment.

Wondering how to successfully outreach retailers? I found a great way:

  • 1. Find two or three of the most established and well-known brands in your niche
  • 2. BRAND NAME + dealer search OR dealer locator OR something similar
  • 3. Many big brands have a Google Map or HTML table with all their dealers
  • 4. If you are a GUI developer like me, you can use a tool (http://emailx.discoveryvip.com/) to parse emails from the HTML
  • 5. Open a Mailshake.com account and make a drip campaign
  • 6. Close the deal

Alright, that’s it for now. Next month I will write more about Pinterest hacks and Integromat/Zapier integrations so stay tuned!

👉Check back for more updates and comments on the tips I shared above! I would love to hear your thoughts.👈

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