📈The Wakeboarder’s Memo Book: Important Things I Learned Last Month – Vol 1📈

The last couple of months were super intense and I’m really grateful for Google, STM forum and friends from which I can learn something new every single day.

A few days ago, I got the idea to open a series of monthly posts where I will cover the most important things that I learned in the past month. eCom and online marketing stuff related, of course.

The main point of this article is to post only straight-to-the-point facts. Pure facts. I know that not everyone will agree with everything I say, but that’s why we have comments, right? So we can have a discussion.  🤔

With our family eCom project, Wild Boar Liquidator, I’m in a situation right now where I’m building everything from scratch. Running advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google, writing e-mail funnels, hiring Virtual Assistants and Country Managers, working with fulfillment centers, optimizing business processes and the list goes on and on. But – I’m incredibly happy because I’m working on something where I can use all my experiences that I got in the past 8 years. 🎓

Once per month, I will write a blog post with the mayor 10 to 15 things that I have learned and I think are important and can help you optimize your online marketing business.

Well, let’s see what I have learned in the past 30 days.  👀

Google Ads

1. Google Ads Editor
Try using GAE all the time. When you get used to it you can manage campaigns faster and there are some functionalities that are not available on the web. See the next point!

2. Exclude Mobile Apps from Google Display Network
When running a campaign, the Google Display Network always excludes mobile apps. It’s expensive and shitty traffic. It’s not converting. The easiest way to exclude mobile apps is:

Google Adwords Editor > Campaign Name > Mobile apps, Negative > Add Mobile App Category > ALL

3. Automatic targeting
In my GDN retargeting campaign I noticed a sudden increase in clicks and of course a drop in performance. After some research, I saw that I had enabled Automatic targeting to Conservative. I don’t want to think what would happen if I set this to Aggressive.  Key takeaway: In GAE under Flex targeting disable Targeting optimization.

Marketing automation

4. Instagram
Out of curiosity, I started building an Instagram profile in my niche. I’m incredibly satisfied with the results so far.

Stats after 2.5 days:
– 185 RELEVANT followers from Europe
– 34% average response rate on NF posts
– 300+ avg. reach per post

5. Use the automation software wisely
Don’t spam people links to your product and post stupid generic comments. Be smart, creative and use seasonal angles.

6. Use IG Stories to gather feedback
Instagram Vote is the best thing ever. Users are like affiliates. Lazy as fuck.  They don’t want to write an answer, they want to click YES/NO or swipe the emoji. Ask them smart questions.

I highly recommend this book
Ask: The Counterintuitive Online Formula to Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy. Create a Mass of Raving Fans. and Take Any Business to the Next Level by Ryan Levesque (NOT affiliate link!)

If you are selling something then you need to read this.

Other eCom Stuff

7. Payment methods
Outside Tier-1 countries payments methods are REALLY important. Do your due diligence. Talk and ask people from the IM world what they are using.

8. Join niche specific Facebook Groups
We are launching Poland next week. I joined the biggest Poland hunting group on Facebook publish job-offering for VA. Now I have super-passionate VA in my team.

9. Join local IM Facebook groups
One hour after I joined the biggest FB IM group I found a local agency that can sell me Shopify translations and got 50 responses on my poll about the most popular payment methods on Facebook.

Here are the poll results about the most popular Poland payment methods from Facebook PL IM Group.

10. Don’t be lazy, set up an email funnel immediately
It took me three months before I finally set up the email sequence. Email marketing is almost free. MailerLite + Shopify is a cheap solution with advanced features and easy to manage.

11. Write down eCom processes
I started writing processes every time I outsource something. Later will save me tons of time when I replace VA with local team members. I will give them access tothe Google Doc folder and the first week they will only read what we are creating.

12. Outsource, outsource, outsource
I need to reprogram my mind to outsource as much as I can. For some reason, I want to do everything on my own. Probably because I know it will be done on time and it will be exactly what I wanted it to be. I’m aware of the problem which is a good sign.

Ok, guys – that would be all for this month.

What do you think about this type of posts? Which point did you like the most?

Questions, comments, ideas are more than welcome.



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