🔥What’s Hot? Pinterest Advertising Trends in Q4 2018

I’m spending a lot of time (and money!🤑) on Pinterest researching and analyzing what’s working for other advertisers.

In this post, I will share with you some winning ads, funnels, and web shops that are using Pinterest as their primary user-acquisition channel.

eCommerce Advertisers are Prospering on Pinterest!

eCommerce is definitely the most popular vertical right now. Here is a short description of their users from their official webpage.

People use Pinterest to plan for what’s important in their lives, whether that’s easy dinner recipes, home renovation tips or the perfect pair of shoes.

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Fashion Related Shops

In terms of paid advertising, the fashion vertical is very popular not just among big brands like Levis, Gap, Urban Outfitters, but also smaller Shopify stores with the drop-shipping business model.

There are tons of great Pinterest Ads with huge social proof, but I will share just a few of them. This will be enough to get some inspiration and ideas about what’s working right now.

Inspiration AD 1

Pinterest Ecommerce Ad Inspiration

This webshop is getting more than 80% of all traffic from Pinterest. When you connect SimilarWeb and Pinterest data for this advertiser, you can be quite sure this guy is doing well with Pinterest ads.

Ad Details

Category: Fashion > Clothing
Platform: Shopify 
Type: Drop-shipping
Country: Australia / United Stated
🔥Number of Saves: 2350🔥
Ad Published: Fri, 12 Oct 2018
Advertiser: https://speakshop.co/

Website Traffic Details

Inspiration AD 2


Sugar & Cotton is well-known among Shopify dropshipping store owners. Their ads are all over the place on Facebook, and based on their activity, they smell opportunity and profit with Pinterest ads.💸

Ad Details

Category: Fashion > Jewelry
Platform: Shopify
Type: Drop-shipping
🔥Number of Saves: 15486🔥
Ad Published: Mon, 1 Oct 2018
Advertiser: https://sugarandcotton.com/

Website Traffic Details

pinterest ads traffic analytics

Inspiration AD 3

Affiliate Pinterest Ads

Ad Details

This one is an affiliate CPS offer from Giddy Up. As you can see from the screenshot below this guy is scaling up using only Pinterest traffic.

Category: Fashion > Footwear
Type: Affiliate offer (Giddy Up)
🔥Number of Saves: 45498🔥
Ad Published: Thu, 20 Sep 2018
Advertiser: https://inthewave.com/6349c9565f54355049ac4025c893afbf/

Website Traffic Details

pinterest inspiration ads statistics

Mobile App Install Offers

Mobile app ads are very popular, especially in non-US countries. One interesting thing is that most App Installs Ads are using video creatives. The most popular categories for App Installs are Fitness, Food, and Kids.

It’s on my TODO list to test affiliate CPI offers as soon as possible. I believe this is worth a try because Pinterest is not yet saturated with these offers like many other traffic sources.

It’s worth noting is that most App Installs ads are from brands themselves.

Survey Offers

pinterest ad survey affiliate

In all countries, you can find a lot of survey offers. Huge potential for marketers with experience in the Make Money Online niche.

I hope you got some inspiration for your first or next paid campaign.🤞Don’t forget to check my previous post with some practical tips for Pinterest advertising campaign.

Should I write once per month about what’s hot on Pinterest and share some popular ads?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Till next time,

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