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⚙5 Practical Tips for Pinterest Traffic Campaign Optimization

To unlock Conversion campaign you need 50 conversions (sign-ups, leads, checkouts) attributed to your traffic campaigns. This is the main challenge for new eCommerce Pinterest advertisers. In this article, I will show you 5 tips which will help you deliver 50 conversions and unlock the Conversion campaigns without breaking the bank.

Pinterest Traffic Campaigns

When running Traffic campaign the CTR is a key factor for delivery. Because you’re paying for clicks and not impressions, the algorithm tends to reward creatives with higher CTR with better positions.

From the business side of the view, CTR is not relevant because there is no correlation between high CTR and high ROAS. Because Pinterest will not optimize traffic campaign conversions on your webshop, you need to do the heavy-lifting and optimize campaign manually. Just like in the days before the oCPM, right?

Below you can find the most effective ways to optimize your Traffic campaign to achieve 50 conversions sooner.

1.   Proper Campaign Structure

The most important thing is the Campaign structure. If you don’t have the right structure you will optimize much harder. The goal is to set up multiple ad groups with a smaller budget and different settings, run traffic, analyze what’s working best and adjust the budget accordingly.

Let’s say you are running an eCommerce shop and selling summer shoes in Australia. Check this post and see what’s popular on Pinterest!

pinterest campaign structure

As you can see from the campaign structure, the goal is to have different ad groups so you can test and analyze targeting (Keywords VS Interests), devices (Mobile VS Web).

2.   Proper use of UTM parameters

This one may sound stupid, but when running Traffic campaigns it’s very important. If you don’t have many conversions, which is usually the case with Traffic campaigns, you need to look at the macro-conversions (eg. Add to carts) and post-click metrics in your Google Analytics (Bounce rate, Average time on site, Pages per session, …). These metrics will tell you if the traffic you are bidding on is relevant or not.

For example …

You bought 250 clicks for a keyword »designer sandals«. The average bounce rate for users from this keyword is 94% and the average time on site is 3 sec, and of course 0 purchases.

It’s obvious that users who are searching for »designer sandals« are not interested in sandals that you are offering them. You need to stop bidding for this keyword (Negative Keywords List) or change the offer/targeting.

In order to see the post-click metrics for the keywords you are bidding on you need to use the appropriate dynamic token when building links.

{keyword} – This is the token you need to use (only for Search/Keyword adgroups) to pass the data from Pinterest to your Google Analytics account. You can find other supported dynamic parameters here

I recommend that you pass this via UTM_TERM parameter.

Here is the video I published on my YouTube channel about this topic. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to build UTMs the right way and also how to read the data in Google Analytics.

3. Use Your Existing Data


If you have already spent some money on Traffic campaign, go back and analyze the campaign. This is the fastest way.

⚠️ In case you did not use UTM parameters that you cannot optimize based on post-click metrics, you can do breakdown inside the Pinterest ad manager. Unfortunately in case that you don’t see any conversion (checkout, add to cart, lead) so those breakdowns are more or less useless. ⚠️

That’s the main reason why I’m using UTM links everywhere. If I’m paying for the data, I need to have an option to analyze and learn something from it. 

So, if you used tracking links, go back to your Google Analytics account and breakdown the traffic by Pinterest groups.

Take a look at bounce rate, average session duration, pages per session, add to cart conversion rate, opt-in rate, …

4. Run Retargeting Campaign



Installing Pinterest Tag on your shop as soon as possible is always a great idea. Even if you are not planning to run campaigns right away it will help you a lot if you decide to run them in the future. You will already have a pool of users that were on your webshop that you can retarget and retargeting campaigns have much higher ROAS then Acquisitions.

Here are a few ideas on how you can leverage your existing data.

Pinterest Tag Retargeting

You can retarget users on Pinterest even if you didn’t run any campaigns yet. If you installed Pinterest Tag on your webshop, check Tag History section in your Ads Manager.

For any event that has more than 100 visitors, you can build an audience and use it in your Traffic campaign.

Upload existing customers

If you already have some existing customer, you can upload their email addresses on Pinterest and create an audience.

These users already know your brands and probably have higher buying intent, especially if they were happy with the first purchase.

These two audiences will probably be small but it’s the quality that matters. Your main job is to trigger 50 conversions that will be attributed to your traffic campaign. Retargeting can help you big time here.

PROTIP: If you are using Shopify, export cart abandoners and upload their emails.🙃A simple trick to target higher pool of people on Pinterest.

5. Test Actalike Audiences

Again, this option is only available if you have an existing database already.

You are probably familiar with Lookalike Audience from Facebook. This killer feature is called Actalike audience on Pinterest.

Upload your database and generate Actalike. Here are a few tips when working with Actalike audiences.

  • Be patient because it takes almost 1 day for Pinterest to generate the audience
  • Pinterest recommendation is to combine Actalike 10% + Keyword targeting
  • For start, it’s good to go with AAL 1% as your primary goal is not scaling but to get 50 conversions

If you implement these tips, your data will be segmented the right way and you just need to analyze it and adjust the budget accordingly.

Let me know what’s your strategy to achieve 50 conversions without breaking the bank. 🏦

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